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by Boston Marriage

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released April 7, 2017

Mike Davis at Hall of Justice Recording Studio (Seattle, WA)
Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering (Seattle, WA)
Bryan Lamar & Jeff Coulter at Rain Cat Recording Studio (Jensen Beach, FL)
Sebastian Quintero (Parkland, FL)



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Boston Marriage Vero Beach, Florida

Boston Marriage is a four piece indie rock band from Vero Beach, Florida.

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Track Name: Broken Down Boat
Following on through, they part the waters
Can't seem to get past all my alma maters
Lately I've been feeling like I'm not trying
If the picture's of that boat then I swear I'm not buying

I've got news for you
That book is overdue
Why would I ever choose
Fines over baby blues?

Take a sip to forget all your past transgressions
It's getting harder to ignore all my quiet obsessions
Stumbling backwards in all your glory
Alone with him, I won't be getting the whole story

And this one takes the cake
I couldn't slam the brakes
We're heading straight into
The river, baby blue
Track Name: Gowns
I'm wasting away in such a beautiful state
Is this what you mean when you say your bright eyes will blind me for days?

Falling asleep in your gown like a sheet
At least it keeps me warm
I've been gone for a while and I just came back for more
At least you keep me warm

Maurine the machine, an intangible clean
While I'm killing again with my life through a lens, so
Tell me why I'm feeling less

I feel your heart as it beats beneath your skin and I'm counting the minutes until you let me in

At least you keep me warm
Track Name: Sand
I lied when I said no
I overestimated my growth
I turned every stone til I felt more alone
than I was before it started to snow

I didn't notice the decay
My pride has always hindered my brain
I buried away any semblance of faith
with feigned control over the chaos I made

Who is really pulling the strings
Some truths are meant to stay as beliefs

The tombs never looked so appealing to me
I am all of the crimes I claimed I've never seen and I
Know the fault can't be pushed from my reach
I am the one who always plants the seeds
Colder than I was when I first began
And to show for it no one will accept my hand
I forgot to look up and wound up in wasteland,
Holding my breath as I sink through the sand

I thought I understood
And that my true intentions were good
But as I come to I see nothing but blue
After delusion, clarity follows suit

And if I can't come to terms with this reckoning
Then I should swallow back the bile and taste what I preach

Judging me harder with each passing glance
Follow me downstairs, catch me if you think you can
One seems too many but it’s never enough
Don’t peek at my alter or my lyrical mush
Track Name: Rachel in the Dark Room
I should have anticipated this but forfeit purpose in lieu of the fight
I’d been trying to fall asleep in a different ditch ever since but it never felt right

It doesn’t matter if it’s written in the stars or on the news or on your face
There is a point in time when everything you’ve done will be erased
You’ve built your infamy, but what will it mean once the earth is in its grave?
I finally accept my place in this narrative, come what may

If I am the problem and I made this bed
Look me in the eye and repeat what you said
If this is the end, I regret being a part of it

I’ve spent years making demons out of people that I knew but it was always you
I only wanted to be wanted and blinded myself thinking that I had something to prove